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What is M5azn ?
M5azn is a Saudi platform that specializes in establishing an e-commercial business without capital. M5azn supports all the merchant's needs, starting with providing a product, ease of storage, and logistics services. M5azn identified by their understanding the local market's needs and work to provide complete support for all projects, large, medium, and startup ones, to cope with the fast changes with high standards.
You can register and subscribe to the trial package and the you can to upload 100 products to your store, but you cannot sell through it until you upgrade.
You can set the profit you want and it will be added to the cost price : 1- After signing up, you will be transformed to your dashboard(Quick start). 2 - Link your store and set the profit you want. 3- click on “Save”. Or go to you account then setting > profit Note: You can only change the profit rate once within 7 days,The duration of updating them in your store is 24 hours, and may vary depending on the number of updated products.