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Cod (Cash on Delivery)

Features of Cash on Delivery
Activating the payment service upon receipt increases the reliability of your store and increases the consumer's desire to place an order. Cash on delivery is a distinguished service that increases the reliability of your store, especially if it is emerging or new, and motivates the consumer to place an order and pay in cash upon receipt with ease.
In the event that the subscription is annual: it is activated directly from the personal profile of Premium and VIP packages. In the event that the subscription is monthly: the customer’s subscription is required for a period of 3 previous or coming consecutive months without interruption + payment of a security amount of 1000 riyals with the possibility of recovering it in the wallet later when the service is stopped or when the service is not completed (and in the event that there are any pending amounts on the merchant, they will be deducted automatically from the insurance amount)
Part One: normal: It is activated in the seller's store only, and the merchant pays the entire order in stores (the sub-amount of the products + shipping fees + 15% value added tax). After delivery, the full amount will be added to the merchant's wallet upon receipt from the shipping company within 14-20 working days. In the event that the request is returned; Return fees of 20 riyals + shipping fees + 15% value added tax will be deducted. Part Two: Plus: It is activated in the merchant’s store and in stores, so that the merchant pays 57.50 riyals for each order in the stores, which are: (Payment upon receipt service fee of 10 riyals + shipping fees + return insurance fees of 20 riyals + 15% value added tax) is non-refundable. After delivery, an amount of 23 (return insurance fee including 15% VAT) is added directly to the merchant's wallet, and upon receipt of the amount from the shipping company, the remaining amount is added to the wallet within 14-20 working days. The calculation is as follows: The total amount of the order – the amount of the payment service upon receipt = (the result of the subtraction process) + (the remainder of the 57.50, which is 34.50 riyals), which is the amount added to the wallet.
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