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Subscription and Price

How to subscribe ?
When you complete your registration in M5azn, you will be automatically subscribed to the Trial package. 1- In Dashboard (Quick Start), go to "Subscription" 2- You can see the features of each plan 3 - If you want to change the current plan, select the plan you want and click on "Subscribe". 4- Do the payment to upgrade
To choose the right package for you, M5AZN provide 4 packages: 1- Trial package It helps you to try the platform and automatically link products (500 products to your store) without the ability to sell. 2- Basic Package Suitable for store owners and Instagram account holders. However, there is no automatic link for connect product to store. 3- PRO Package Suitable for start-up and mid-sized e-commerce sites. 4- Business Package It contains all the features, including: To introduce products: 1.3 - Entering own products and storing them monthly (price: 10 riyals on each product SKU). 2.3 - Entering products which is open to all and storing them (price: 10 riyals per month), unless they were sold in one of the other sites. 3.3 - Heavy storage (pallet), price: 240 riyals per month for one pallet. 3.4 - You can provide your own packaging and we wrap your products by sending it to us. If the packaging is (carton), price: 240 riyals are charged per month for each pallet. For more information about the packages. click here :
1- Go to the Dashboard 2- Then Subscription, select the package and click on subscribe now 3 - Pay with the wallet, and if you want to recharge the wallet, click here Observation: The merchant can upgrade his package within the first 10 days of the current subscription، upgrade is for the remaining subscription days only.