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Salla integration settings
Connect the store with Salla: After you have registered on M5azn platform from the home page > control panel bar > link codes > clicking on the Salla platform > install > it will automatically open the Salla website for you to grant the permit. How to send products to your store From the control panel bar in the stores, choose the product catalog > select all the desired products > click on the Add to my product list icon on the left of the page > from the control panel bar list my products > if you want to upload all the products to your store, click on select all, and if you want to choose Select specific products with a check mark > the product upload icon > a confirmation message for the product upload will appear, click OK. Note: Products appear in Salla Plus and Salla Pro packages only.
First, log in to your account on the Zid website > Settings > Connect with Services > Click on “Generate Authentication Code” > Copy the link and go to your account in M5azn Log in to your M5azn account > Start now > My online store > Link your store > Zid > Paste the link in the "API key" field Finally, from your Zid account, copy the “store id” Paste it in the "store id" field in M5azn Account > Save > Link Orders.
After Logging into Shopify account, go to : Apps > manage private apps > create private apps Enter the online store name and email and click on: " show inactive Admin API permissions " It modifies the following options: Assigned fulfillment orders > Read and write fulfillment services > Read and write Inventory > Read and write Locations > Read access Orders > Read and write Products > Read and write And than click on: " allow this app to access your storefront data using the storefront API " Finally, press “save” > “create app” You will see the store link data, copy the data and go to your store account. Click on the link codes > Shopify > paste the store link data in the boxes provided for it > click on “Save”. The link products and link orders icon will appear, click on it to link your products and orders.
Trial package: You can upload 100 products to your store. Basic package: You cannot upload products. PRO Package: You can upload 2000 products / day - 500 products (per hour). Business Package: You can upload 5000 thousands of products. - 1000 products (per hour).
- After logging in to your account in the stores, click on the product catalog. - It shows you all the products available in stores with their prices and the quantity available in the store. - You can browse products according to their category from the list of categories. - Then choose the products you want to add and click on "Add to my products" and they will be added to your products. - From the list of my products, you can view the products that I added, and you can also adjust the prices of the products from the “Modify” box next to each product.
From the product catalog > Add the product to my product list > Add to cart > Complete the order > Enter the address and data of the customer who will receive the shipment > Make sure to charge the wallet before the payment process > Complete the payment > The product has been ordered successfully. You can track the status of the request from the "Requests" list.
First from the Salla platform: List of products > a category > write the name of the category > click on a category category. Stores platform: Linking Codes > Salla> Link Categories > My Products List > Choose Categories > Choose the category you want to link to the products > Products that fall under the category > Finally, click Upload Products.